Inspired by
the forests

Vanaras is a 100% organic, minimalist design label, founded on the simple precept that our love for beautiful clothing need not negatively impact our beautiful planet. The word ‘Vanaras’ symbolises the essence of the forest. True to our spirit, the brand is born of a respectful awareness of nature and a passion for slow, caring, long-lasting fashion.

Valley Of Flowers

Inspired by the first blush of early spring blossoms and the gossamer hominess of first friendships. A nature-kissed brunch-ready collection that flutters soft ‘n’ tender like peonies in the breeze. Sink in to a marigold state of mind as you soak in the giddiness of valley nectar, the richness of madder roots, the watercolour dreaminess of pomegranate and the purity of earth- swathed haldi.

Sink into a marigold state of mind.

Forest Moon

Inspired by the ethereal elegance of moonlit skies and komorebi drenched rainforests, our maiden collection blends effortless grace and semi-formal ease in Handwoven GOTS Certified Organic Cotton. Carry the hues of the woods and contours of the moon with you as you ease in to work or just spell chic all day through.

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