Our Fabrics

Our fabrics kiss tender. We choose our textiles thoughtfully - assuring the safety of our patrons, our people who work relentlessly behind the scenes, and the planet at large. They are skin-friendly, biodegradable, petal-soft and extra-long lasting – in fact, every time you pick a Vanaras, it comes with a personalised hand tag sewn in to remind you of the day you brought your favourite silhouette home for eternity!

Small batch. Zero waste.
Almost everlasting fashion

Our Dyes

Our entire clothing line is dyed in gorgeous skin safe colours, extracted in a beautiful, slow, eco-friendly process. No trace of carcinogenic Azo Dyes. No petroleum-based colourants. No harmful synthetic ingredients. Our dyes are 100% chemical-free, skin-safe and biodegradable; developed by expert partners leveraging technologies revived from the depths of ancient history and from the roots of our soil. It is a little healing act that we hope will go a long way – in response to the damages done to the planet, and to our collective health.

Thoughtful production

We produce small batch nature inspired collections ensuring slow, zero-waste design cycles that care for quality over quantity. From intricate hemlines to sturdy stitches and quality standards in the minutest details, we walk the extra mile to weave in finesse and durability across our production line. We take joy in recycling graceful little accessories - fashioned out of the minimal wastes that our manufacturing units produce, so they never ever end up in a landfill.

Our people

Our people are our forte and we value our relationships. We cherish every member of our small talented team that works relentlessly behind the scenes, paying them fair, holding them in high regard, and taking care to stay true to our fair-trade policies as a brand - ensuring a safe, happy nurturing working space.

Locally Curated

In keeping with our efforts to infuse sustainability and minimise our carbon footprint as a brand, we prefer to engage local partners for all our supply needs. Our design and production is based in Bangalore and all our supplies are locally, rurally sourced from small scale units across India in Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and more. We are delighted that all our partners share our brand ethic and take great care to uphold the impeccable quality of the supplies they offer.

Little acts
transform the world

Rooted in tradition

We take great pride in our roots, and the choices we have made to engage, embrace and uplift the traditional artisans, as well as the art and craft forms of our country - from locally grown and sourced fibres, fabrics, dyes, accessories and other raw materials; to priceless ancient techniques and practices such as hand weaving, hand embroidery, button making, herbal dyeing and more that India is blessed with.

Our promise

Our promise to our patrons and to the planet at large is rooted in the little conscientious choices we have made to embrace slow fashion in every sense of the word – be it in our founder’s personal design ethic or our core philosophies as a brand – of sourcing locally, staying rooted to our traditions and uplifting indigenous artforms and artisans, as well as in respecting all our fellow beings, the environment we inhabit and the planet at large. As they say, little acts of thoughtfulness, when multiplied, have the power to transform our world.