The journey of Vanaras

Hello, I am Vandana. The dreamer behind Vanaras. 

Inspired by nature and true to our name: Vana or ‘वन’ means ‘forest’ and Ras or ‘रस’ means ‘essence’ in Sanskrit. that draws to the Essence of the Forest.

It’s been 2.5 years since Vanaras was born and what a ride it has been – joyous and yet, overwhelming. My heart fills with joy as I soak in the love and all the words of kindness showered on us by our dear friends, patrons and well-wishers. 

As Vanaras courses ahead - stronger, better, towards a brighter tomorrow, I couldn’t help reminiscing the simple precept the brand was founded on: that one need not harm the planet in order to wear beautiful clothes. Sustainability isn’t necessarily a lifestyle we have to learn to adapt to, rather, it is a beautiful way of getting back to our roots and practicing a simple, minimal way of life, quite like a majority of our ancestors did. It was perhaps easier for me to embrace minimalism, coming from a family that has always remained aware and conscious of our purchasing habits, from early on. Through Vanaras, I hope to spread the love for sustainability and for all things natural and nature-loving – be it through our bespoke silhouettes, or through our eco-conscious practices, processes and services.

 My personal style sways from minimal to comfortable clothing and that has pretty much remained the core design ethic behind every Vanaras creation - simple yet elevated styles. As the saying goes: “Little drops of water make the mighty ocean.” You may feel alone in your journey at the start, but even a single act of sustainability can go a long way towards spreading awareness and making an impact - and before you even realize, it may snowball and end up creating a ripple effect.

So here’s to ‘choosing good’ together. Thank you for all the love.

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