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This is us.

Vanaras is a 100% organic, sustainable design label founded on the simple precept that our love for beautiful clothing need not negatively impact our beautiful planet. True to our spirit, the brand is born of a respectful awareness of nature and a passion for slow, caring, long-lasting fashion. Our chic minimalist silhouettes epitomise style, and yet embody a genuine passion for all things mindful, nature-endorsed and indigenous-weaving native fabrics with contemporary designs, sustainable fair trade practices, and eco-friendly zero-waste processes that are simple, transparent and conscientious from source to finish.

Little warps and wefts of thoughtfulness.
In every step.

Our Birth Story

Bangalore based fashion and sustainability enthusiast, Vandana Bhandare, is not a typical story- weaver, but she is certainly no stranger to spinning yarns. Her love for warps and wefts was sown decades ago, when as a little girl, she would waltz into her father’s silk manufacturing units, awe-struck by rainbow-hued skeins and timeless brocade. 

The idea of sustainable chemical-free living intrigued Vandana, and she started researching the subject with absolute intensity. Months into her study, she stumbled upon the concept of ‘Organic Fashion’ and the possibility of ridding the planet of detrimental industrial processes and pollutants - by switching over to slow, caring, nature-friendly alternatives. From shopping for a limited number of clothes, she decided to pare down to bare essentials, minimizing spends consciously. Since then, there has been no looking back. Driven by an new-found passion for beautiful clothing that does not harm the planet, Vandana ended up creating her own slow, sustainable fashion label - a love child inspired by her enduring love for the forests: Vanaras.

Our Vision

We dream of a better world and the power of little. Like the inimitable Van Gogh, we trust that great deeds are indeed achievable by a series of small acts brought together. Small acts of kindness that ensure we stay true to our fair-trade promises and keep our people, patrons and workspaces secure. Opting for organic fibers, eco-friendly textiles, and all-natural dyes free of harmful chemicals, staying in line with our zero-waste policies during production.