Declutter Guide

“Minimalism has never been about deprivation. Rather, minimalism is about getting rid of life’s excess in favor of the essential.” 

— Joshua Fields Millburn

At Vanaras, we sincerely believe that MINIMALISM isn’t about having less. It’s about making space for more of what matters, getting rid of everything you don’t want, creating clutter free spaces and making the most of the resources you already have. 

Planning a minimalist wardrobe is the most meaningful way to adopt conscious living. If you’re gradually embarking on this path and nurture a desire to create a minimalist capsule wardrobe, here are a few tips for getting started.

Invest in Quality

Choose well-made clothing and long-lasting fabrics.

Conscious style

Buy only what you need. Avoid following trends, invest in neutrals and get creative with styling.


Respect and care for your pieces so they last long. Organize your wardrobe often.

Let go

Sell/Donate hardly or never worn clothing. Swap clothes with close ones.


Choose second hand clothing. Shop and uplift local businesses.

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