Better materials

Choosing textiles carefully is a little healing act that we hope will go a long way - in response to the damages done to the planet, and to our collective health.

Our fabric passes through a prism of:




We use only Organic cotton grown on 100% chemical-free farms, handpicked tenderly to preserve the purity of every fiber. Organic cotton uses 71% less water and 62% less energy than conventional cotton.



20% of the water pollution happens from dyeing and treatment of textiles. Our fabrics have no trace of Azo dyes, petroleum based colorants, synthetic ingredients that are carcinogenic. Our dyes are skin-friendly and earth-friendly.



Natural fibers are a huge part of our ecosystem - they are renewable, sustainable and biodegradable and when grown organically, they are non-toxic for humans, wildlife and the planet.



We dream of a better world and

the power of little.

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