Care for your cottons

Caring for Organic Cotton is a breeze as long as you take note of our easy wash care instructions prescribed for each silhouette. Our silhouettes are long lasting, however mild shrinkage may ensue as none of them are chemically treated, which means that every time you shop Vanaras, you are also doing a world of good for our planet.

The garments have to be washed inside out in cold water with zero to a very mild detergent.

Make sure they are washed separately.

Reshape while damp.

Air-dry or low-heat tumble dry the garments, they can also be dried flat/hung in shade.

Iron at a warm temperature. Embrace the cotton creases/wrinkles as it is what makes them special.


    Stains are unavoidable. If you have stained your clothes, immediately place the area under running water and use some soap if necessary. Please avoid using hot water as it promotes the stain from entering into the fibers of the clothing making it more permanent. 


    Here is a Easy stain removal guide:

    Oil-You can use dish soap to remove oil and grease stains from clothing.
    Ink- Remove an ink stain by soaking in a bowl of milk.
    Wine-Remove red wine stains by dabbing with white wine.
    Coffee-Spot treat with distilled white vinegar.
    Sweat-Soak in cold water.
    Makeup-Use a baby-wipe to remove make-up stains from clothes.

      If the stains are not removable at all it doesn’t make the garment non-wearable, think of a creative way to hide it - use a brooch, make a patch work, wear a stole.

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