Slow Fashion – A Fast Revolution

Slow Fashion – A Fast Revolution Timeless and versatile, exquisite and exceptional, slow fashion is a revolutionary approach to clothing. In a world driven by instant gratification and mindless consumerism, this is a lifestyle that encourages responsibility to the environment and to each other.  Aspiring to change the relationship we have with our clothes, Slow Fashion goes beyond the realm […]

GOTS Certified Cotton

GOTS Certified Cotton Slow Fashion is built on the foundations of a low waste design philosophy and the use of organic fabrics. Predominantly dependent on fabrics like linen, cotton and Tencel, Slow Fashion labels go the extra mile to ensure that they source their materials from certified producers to maintain their quality standards. However, a certified fabric goes beyond just […]

Slow Fashion – The Myth and The Truth

The world of fashion is trending and Sustainability is the new buzzword. There has been an overwhelming awareness and support for living a sustainable life. Adapting to sustainable lifestyles, choices like Slow Fashion is a major stride in this very direction. However, there are some strong preconceived notions about Slow Fashion that need to be addressed. Slow Fashion is Unattractive: […]